aurora, 24, autistic. white. they/them. she/her ok if friends.

pinterest. tumblr. spotify. youtube. goodreads. letterboxd.

scorpio sun, capricorn moon, gemini rising, scorpio mercury, scorpio venus, virgo mars. infp. 4w5.


general: video editing, stuffed animals, witchcraft, vhs tapes, 90s/early 2000s aes, my partner elise <3

media: angel the series, wwdits, dead by daylight, yellowjackets, shirley jackson, many tv shows

go here for longer list of media.

media i care at least a little bit about

television: angel the series, yellowjackets, lost girl, doctor who, sharp objects, grey's anatomy (but ironically), what we do in the shadows, severance, community, iasip, the queen's gambit, btvs, stranger things, teotfw, over the garden wall
misc: dead by daylight, the sims, life is strange, taylor swift, phoebe bridgers, saw 1-3, we have always lived in the castle by shirley jackson, taylor swift